Sauna stoves

Photos of brick sauna stoves with direct heating of batch stones.

In our examples, there are no burning walls of the furnace; this is achieved by convection of air between the furnace and the lining.

Almost everyone knows about the benefits of a Russian bath. Such sensations are difficult to compare with anything.

So, for our potential customers and for those who are still wondering what kind of stove to choose (a brick sauna stove with direct heating of stones or a metal stove), we advise you to try our stove in a steam room, having experienced all the advantages of a Russian bath on your own experience. The cost of one hour is 1500 rub.

Light steam in the Russian bath, is obtained only with the use of stoves, heaters, with direct heating of the stones.

Light steam, this is when it is pleasant and comfortable to be in the steam room, when breathing easily and calmly. Positive mood. Light steam is the perfect combination of humidity and temperature, lack of dry burning and depressing air. Such a sauna is called Russian – a bath that heals not only the body, but also the soul!

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