The cost of masonry when talking with customers is one of the frequently asked questions. It is impossible to determine the exact price by phone – only an estimated price is negotiated, which differs from the final one.

From which, nevertheless, the price is determined:

The list of works included in the final price:

The list of works included in the final price: Waterproofing. Selection of bricks in appearance, grinding, cutting and tray to the place of masonry. Preparation of the solution. Installation of furnace fittings. Installation dismantling scaffolding. Stitching and cleaning the masonry. Garbage collection. Pipe: The passage of ceilings, the device of fire-fighting flues, plastering a brick pipe in the attic. The passage through the roof, roof waterproofing (collar). The device “otter” and head. Cutting. Also, raising the brick to a height, preparing a mortar, sewing seams, assembling and dismantling scaffolding, and garbage collection.

Prices for work without the cost of materials and delivery
Purchase, delivery and unloading of materials at the facility, without the cost of the materials themselves and the rental of a crane. 5000rub.
Foundation device from 7000 rub.
Depending on the type, size and complexity of the masonry (heating and heating, a stove with a stove bench, a Russian stove, a stove combined with a fireplace) from 60 rub. for a brick
Heating shield
Corner open fireplace
Direct open fireplace
Kitchen complexes
Direct-heated stone batch oven
Facing the sauna stove (metal) with brick
Masonry of one meter of brick pipe from 4000 rub.
Installation of a chimney like “sandwich” 1 m / p



Installation of ceramic chimneys of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Depends on the diameter of the chimney and the presence of ventilation ducts.



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