Laying brick stoves, fireplaces, barbecue, kitchen complexes

Warmth and comfort
to your home

Professional stove-makers will perform work on laying stoves, fireplaces of different heat transfer, size, construction and forms that do not smoke during our laying and will last for many years.

Ryazan Ryazan Oblast
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Tiled stoves, barbeque, fireplaces

Large selection of shapes and colors


Brick fireplaces.

Fireplaces of brick with an open firebox. Straight, angular and lined with stone.


Sauna stoves

Brick bath furnace of periodic action. Russian sauna


Brick kitchen complex

Brazier, cauldron, tandoor, smokehouse, Russian stove, Pompeian, etc.


Brick Ovens

Russian, cooking, heating and cooking, Swedes, Dutch


Handmade ceramics

Figurines of animals and birds, panels, tiles to order


Iron casting

For stoves and fireplaces. Cast iron to order

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